NMT Clinic

Neuromuscular Therapy Clinic

Why the NMT Clinic?

The NMT Clinic is my answer to an ongoing frustration at the lack of quality musculoskeletal practitioners available to the public in New Zealand.

For years we have dedicated our best people to the sporting elite and yet as a member of the public requiring physical therapy the options aren’t great.

I am not a believer in spending month after month seeing a physical therapist three times a week at 10-15 minutes per session having someone give you a list of stretches (which you won’t do) and tell you to keep coming back. These days it’s hard to get someone to give you a hands on treatment at all.

I have been massaging around the world for sports teams and in private practice for over 19 years and now I’m committed to dedicating the best possible musculoskeletal care to my clients here in Auckland. Now you can get the treatment you need to get you back on track in the least amount of time possible alongside national and international calibre sportsmen and women.

Having studied both here in NZ and abroad, I have worked with thousands of different clients, a wide range of athletes, injuries and body types. Developing this skill set has enabled me to effectively treat patients, and I maintain a highly skilled network of colleagues to ensure you’re kept in the best possible hands to get the treatment you need!

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